Originally developed for chemotherapy patients but now used worldwide by taste-conscious Food Lovers!" />

TruFlavorWare Flatware

Non-metallic | Taste-free | Eco-friendly | REUSABLE | Non-toxic | Organic Cutlery Utensils

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Clinically proven "Superior Taste" results vs. metal flatware!1

"Simply Makes Food Taste Better!"­­


• Taste-inert • Unbreakable • Heavy as metal • Nonporous and stain-resistant •

Combats age-related taste declines!

• Helps overcome chemotherapy and pregnancy-related "bad taste" issues •

Even makes plain 'ole lettuce and vanilla bean ice cream taste absolutely GREAT!

• Valued Eco-friendly health benefits for yoga, farm-to-table, and pure-taste food lovers •    

• 100% "Taste-free" Tableware and Utensils • 

Originally developed for chemotherapy and dysgeusia sufferers, but now used worldwide by

taste-conscious Food Lovers (foodies) and Great Chefs alike!

Non-reactive, non-metallic composition •   

 FDA Food Contact Approved!  

• BPA-free • Taste-inert • Toxic-free

Totally unlike most common plastic flatware materials (see Hazard Table below)

• Does not harbor bacteria, dirt, and stains like porous bamboo flatware •

Will not splinter, break apart or run rough like bamboo tableware 

• Dishwasher-safe up to 10,000+ cycles! •

100% microwave stable - No heat buildup or chemical leaching 

• Will not cool off hot soup with slow-spoon savoring, like all metal flatware does •

Built-in spoon weir indentation helps prevent liquid overflows while eating


 • Fork tines will NOT break off like ceramic, bamboo, and plastic flatware can

(in normal culinary use)   

♦ Download the above TruFlavorWare "Fact Sheet" pdf file for printing and distribution to Friends ♦



• Verified better than Silverware! •

1A huge 70% majority of over 100 panelists in a major Ivy League university's taste test study found that TruFlavorWare® flatware eating utensils significantly improved the taste of their food over silverware.*


Welcome to TruFlavorWare®

"Simply Makes Food Taste Better!"

• Full 4-piece sets now available worldwide for only $14.95! • 

"Natural Almond" (as seen above) is the only color that will be available until late 2021

• Order on the secure PayPal link below with any credit card or PayPal •

  Guaranteed UNBREAKABLE in normal culinary use! 


*How does TruFlavorWare "Simply make my food taste better"?

"Savor all the Flavor!"

How To Fight Cancer With A Spoon! (Explained)

Savor ALL the Flavor!


    • ONE flat rate shipping fee for as many 4-piece sets as you may wish to order! •  

Custom imprinting of your company's logo on handle tips is available

• What a GREAT gift idea for a loved one on chemotherapy! •



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INTERNATIONAL: Full 4-piece sets + ONE Flat Rate S&H Fee!

USA Only! A custom add-on OPTION to any order: Handmade "Cadena" Gift Box @ $19.95


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