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Clinically proven "Superior Taste" results vs. metal flatware!1

"Simply Makes Food Taste Better!"­­


• Taste-inert • Unbreakable • Heavy as metal • Nonporous and stain-resistant •

Combats age-related taste declines!

• Helps overcome chemotherapy and pregnancy-related "bad taste" issues •

Even makes plain 'ole lettuce and vanilla bean ice cream taste absolutely GREAT!

• Valued Eco-friendly health benefits for yoga, farm-to-table, and pure-taste food lovers •    

• 100% "Taste-free" Tableware and Utensils • 

Originally developed for chemotherapy and dysgeusia sufferers, but now used worldwide by

taste-conscious Food Lovers (foodies) and Great Chefs alike!

 Non-reactive, non-metallic composition    

 FDA Food Contact Approved!  

• BPA-free • Taste-inert • Toxic-free

Totally unlike most common plastic flatware materials (see Hazard Table below)

• Does not harbor bacteria, dirt, and stains like porous bamboo flatware •

Will not splinter, break apart or run rough like bamboo tableware 

• Dishwasher-safe up to 10,000+ cycles! •

The embossed design of Green Leafs is absolutely safe and free from all toxicity!

100% microwave stable - No heat buildup or chemical leaching 

• Will not cool off hot soup with slow-spoon savoring, like all metal flatware does •

Built-in spoon weir indentation helps prevent liquid overflows while eating


 • Fork tines will NOT break off like ceramic, bamboo, and plastic flatware can

(in normal culinary use)   

♦ Download the above TruFlavorWare "Fact Sheet" pdf file for printing and distribution to Friends ♦



• Verified better than Silverware! •

1A huge 70% majority of over 100 panelists in a major Ivy League university's taste test study found that TruFlavorWare™ flatware eating utensils significantly improved the taste of their food over silverware.*


Welcome to TruFlavorWare™ Elite

"Simply Makes Food Taste Better!"

• Full 4-piece sets now available worldwide for only $14.95! • 

"Natural Almond" (as seen above) is the only color that will be available until late 2022

• Order on the secure PayPal link below with any credit card or PayPal •

  Guaranteed UNBREAKABLE in normal culinary use! 


*How does TruFlavorWare "Simply make my food taste better"?

"Savor all the Flavor!"

How To Fight Cancer With A Spoon! (Explained)

Savor ALL the Flavor!



As often requested... Our full-sized TruFlavorWare­™ COFFEE MUGS!

Never seen before, new ergonomics in holding power as well as super insulating ability to keep liquids super-hot or freezing cold without bothering your fingers!

Additionally, our super insulating ability will keep your drink at its original poured temperature for long periods of time as if in a thermo-canister!

Incredibly PURE taste as never experienced before using a traditional coffee mug!

Revolutionary, limiting "Non-spill" factor!

• UNBREAKABLE in normal culinary use •

Limited Pre-orders available soon at $14.95 intro price! (MSRP $19.95)

Made In USA


• ONE flat rate shipping fee for as many 4-piece sets as you may wish to order! •  

Custom imprinting of your company's logo on handle tips is available

• What a GREAT gift idea for a loved one on chemotherapy! •


(Please NOTE: BLACK is not currently available)


Domestic USA Shipping Address Link

USA: Full 4-piece sets + One Flat-rate S&H Fee!

CANADA Shipping Link

CANADA: Full 4-piece sets + ONE Flat Rate S&H Fee!

International WORLDWIDE Shipping Link

INTERNATIONAL: Full 4-piece sets + ONE Flat Rate S&H Fee!

USA Only! A custom add-on OPTION to any order: Handmade "Cadena" Gift Box @ $19.95


ProtoLabs' FIRST ever "Cool Idea Award!" winner

Don Ladanyi, TruFlavorWare 2011

Don Ladanyi of Westlake, Ohio, was awarded Protolabs injection-molded prototyping and production services to help launch his line of flatware, TruFlavorWare, developed specifically for chemotherapy patients. TruFlavorWare is non-metallic, organic, taste-inert flatware, designed to make food taste better by eliminating the aversive “taste-reactive” electro-chemical reactions caused by metal knives, forks and spoons. Ladanyi’s product brings particular relief to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy by removing the bitter metallic aftertaste that often occurs when trying to eat with standard metal flatware.

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